Category: Off The Beaten Path


Indian Rockhouse Trail

                    If you find yourself near Harrison, AR and want to take a nature hike with plenty of photo opportunities then the Indian Rockhouse Trail...

Photographing The Hodgeson Water Mill

The Hodgson Water Mill

In November I was able to take a trip to Northwest Arkansas to photograph the fall foliage. While I was there my friend Bill Mattison and I took a day trip to photograph some...

lake jackson

Lake Jackson- Florala, Alabama

In this installment of my “Off The Beaten Path” series I’m going to present Lake Jackson. Lake Jackson is a 403-acre lake in Florala, AL. The lake and surrounding park were an Alabama state...

Peel Ferry

Riding The Peel Ferry

This is the second installment of my “Off The Beaten Path” series. This time I’m going to tell you about the Peel Ferry. The Peel Ferry is located in Northwest Arkansas on Highway 125...

rush arkansas ghost town

Rush Ghost Town

This is the first of a new series where I will endeavor to find new and interesting places that aren’t well-known tourist attractions. This will be places you can go to get interesting images...

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