Monthly Archive: October 2018

landscape photography filters

Landscape Photography- Filters

Filters are useful in many situations as a photographer. Filters can help out with setting a mood or making the colors in a photo pop. Naturally, filters have many uses in photographing landscapes as...

ring flash for macro photography

Ring Flash For Macro Photography

A ring flash can be useful for macro photography. Macro photography takes place at such close distances to the subject that a traditional speedlight flash may be too high to light your subject. You...

lake jackson

Lake Jackson- Florala, Alabama

In this installment of my “Off The Beaten Path” series I’m going to present Lake Jackson. Lake Jackson is a 403-acre lake in Florala, AL. The lake and surrounding park were an Alabama state...

Wildflower photography 1

Wildflower Photography

In this post regarding wildflower photography I’m going to go over the equipment and post-production I used to get these photos of wildflowers. These wildflower photos were all shot on a recent trip to...

panama city beach sunset

Panama City Beach Sunset

This is another in my “How I Got The Shot” series. The image above was taken at sunset on Panama City Beach. I was there doing a photo shoot with a couple of models....

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