Monthly Archive: September 2018

Peel Ferry

Riding The Peel Ferry

This is the second installment of my “Off The Beaten Path” series. This time I’m going to tell you about the Peel Ferry. The Peel Ferry is located in Northwest Arkansas on Highway 125...

protecting your work

Protecting Your Images

For most photographers copyright is something they don’t know a lot about. Protecting your images from theft and use without your permission should be something you do before you post your images online though....

rush arkansas ghost town

Rush Ghost Town

This is the first of a new series where I will endeavor to find new and interesting places that aren’t well-known tourist attractions. This will be places you can go to get interesting images...

total solar eclipse

Total Solar Eclipse

This is another post in my “How I Got The Shot” series. It’s the story of how I got shots of the total solar eclipse in August of 2017. This trip had to be...

macro photography

Macro Photography

What is Macro Photography? According to Wikipedia macro photography is taking photographs of small objects at larger than life size. I tend to think of macro photography as shooting small objects in focus at...

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